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Purifying – Stimulant – Balsamic – Nourishing – Tonifying – Strengthening


Prevents weakening and subsequent falling out of the hair with the action of active plant extracts of Achillea, Farfara and China, which promote oxygenation and metabolic exchange. A rich pool of active ingredients of plant origin helps reinforce the anchorage system of hair into its follicle, permitting ideal bulb trophism during the vital growth stage. Formation of a natural micro-sheath improves the hair’s strength, resistance and combability, leaving it soft, shiny and resistant to styling. With the pool of active principles Lotion Concentrée Naturalis Essentiae.



Anti-hair loss treatment, coadjuvant in hair loss prevention

Anti-dandruff shampoo (pH 5.5) 1000ml


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