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Sebum-balancing lotion for inhibiting the enzymatic metabolism responsible for excess sebaceous secretion.



Sebum-balancing, dermo-purifying and antioxidant. The action of Piroctone olamine and salicylic acid removes cells that build up and do not exfoliate due to excess sebum. Extract of Asparagopsis armata red algae oxygenates the scalp. Enriched with Lotion Concentrée Naturalis Essentiae active ingredients pool.



All types of scalp with excess sebaceous secretion.



Routine application - following the application of the REQUILIBRE Sebum-balancing shampoo, create sections with locks of hair measuring about 2 cm and apply lotion directly to the skin using the appropriate dispenser tip, accompanying the liquid with slight pressure of the fingers and proceeding to work all around the scalp in a sunburst pattern. Apply the rest of the contents of the phial to the areas most susceptible to seborrhea and massage in gently with a circular motion starting at the back, side and front and ending in the middle of the head so as to promote lymph drainage. Do not rinse. Professional application - direct the dispenser spout toward the 9 RSPs or Reflex Stimulation Points, as shown in the drawing below, applying to each point once only and massaging in gently with the fingers after each application. When these points are stimulated, the erector muscles contract, squeezing the sebaceous gland, which then swells up, absorbing the lotion in the follicular hollow. Wait a few seconds and then proceed to apply the remaining contents of the phial in a sunburst pattern all over the scalp. Massage in gently with a circular motion, starting at the back, sides and front of the head and finishing in the middle of the head so as to promote lymph drainage.

Do not rinse.

Anti-dandruff lotion pH 3 100mL