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Chloe    Lo





Date of Birth:

March 4    Pisces

about me

I am an enthusiastic and outgoing person, who enjoys meeting new people and participates in sports activities.

My other interests include being a part time fashion model for dresses and accessories, music, painting and jazz dance.

In my spare time, apart from the salon,  I am also a part-time personal trainer in Hong Kong.

A Bit About Me

Work Experience

Chloe has more than 15 years of hairdressing experience and is the founder of Millinni Hair Salon.  Despite of her solid experience in the industry, she continues to further develop her professional skills in colouring in Australia Biba hairdressing Academy. 


She considered herself an artist rather than a hairdresser.  Her inspiration comes from her own paintings.  Fun fact: She likes to paint the customer’s desired hair style and colour before she works directly on their hair.  This allows her to have a visual image and helps her to execute the clients colouring preference.

Chloe is one of the familiar names in various fashion industries such as the Armani Fashion Show and the Redress Fashion Show. 

Competition formed an important part of Chloe’s professional career.  She has won one of the largest colour creative design competition’s that was organized by Goldwell in 2018.

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