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Medavita Nutrisubstance Nutritive Microemulsion is a nourishing spray that repairs weakened hair in one simple touch. With its special timed release with micro dispersion system, it is similar to the hair structure and releases its fine active ingredients selectively where hair needs more nourishment while increasing protection.


Provides a deep hydration while perfecting the hair structure.



Hydrates hair while nourishing and repairing it deeply.



  • Shea Butter hydrates and nourishes hair while providing anti-ageing and antioxidant effects.
  • Collagen restores suppleness while repairing and protecting dry or sensitized hair from chemicals.
  • Amino Concentrée is a complex of essential, low-molecular-weight amino acids that restore the hair fibre instantly.


How to use:

Spray the product onto hair evenly, especially on very dry and damaged areas.




Brand    Medavita

Line       Nutrisubstance

Type      No-Rinsing Treatments

Size Standard

Needs   Dry Hair, Vegan Products

Volume 150 ml

Nutritive repairing hair microemulsion (pH 3.5) 150mL

SKU: 8033928505373